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Peintres LGL is a group of professionals with between three and twenty years of experience in residential and commercial painting. Why should you hire a painter instead of trying to do the work yourself? An obvious reason is that hiring a painter is less exhausting, but there are many other good reasons to engage the services of an experienced painter, such as:

  • Set price of room painting, materials, and finishing.
  • Colour choice, depending on the desired effect.
  • Time requirements for surface preparation are higher than plastering and sealing.
  • The skills and abilities of the painter enable you to increase time management and efficiency.
  • The right materials selected for each task.
  • The painter’s knowledge about dyeing is an asset to exterior work options.
  • Eco-friendly? The painter knows the green products and can save you time through their experience.

The painter and their team can advise you in regards to wall and surface maintenance, allowing you to preserve them in top shape longer. The painter and his team know also advise you as to the maintenance of your walls and surfaces to preserve them longer. It is clear that employing the services of professionals benefits you – last but not least, you can use the precious time for the things you like.

Our company takes contact quality control and worksite cleanliness to heart. Our painters are carefully chosen, and customer satisfaction is at the core of everything that we do.

Effective in all types of work

Our expert painters have the strength and the gentleness required in the work. They can work on and direct projects such as cleaning, surface preparation and paint or dye application, and are able to refresh Montreal’s beautiful ledges due to their mobility and flexibility. The strength, perseverance, and thoroughness of our team is manifested in the hundreds of repaired staircases, balconies adorned with wrought iron, and beautiful terraces embellished with permanent dyes.

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All estimates include:

- Up to 3 years guarantee on our work
- Satisfaction garantie
- CSST insurance for all employees
- Liability insurance of $ 2,000,000
- Responsible and environmentally debris

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