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Would you like to refresh one or more rooms of the house? Do you get an urge to completely transform your living room by smoothing down walls in order to hang new painting or perhaps a nice large-format family picture? For the perfect visual effect, you need to hire our plasterers! They are strong, skilled, and competent in the field. This allows them to handle the trowel skillfully in order to move around the joints and make them invisible.

The work of Peintres LGL plastering teams is not visible – and that’s exactly what you want. What you want is a job done craftily and in a refined way. The key step is the preparation of walls and ceilings – our plasterers can do this job well.

You have probably seen walls with minor and major surface imperfections. Our professionals allow you to avoid this kind of disappointment – once the walls and joints have been sealed, no more signs will remain of the old picture frame holes or the scratches of shelf brackets. No more worries!

We use quality products and a team specifically dedicated to your project. The team includes the same plasterer from the beginning to the end of the project. We appreciate that this part of work can be quite dusty and inconvenient, which is why our plasterers are properly equipped to minimize inconvenience and speed up the work.

A dedicated team

Do you have questions? Contact us for more information in regards to the plasterers, the schedules, the price, warranty, etc. We will gladly answer your questions and provide a free estimate for the time and costs necessary to complete the project. Our team serves Montreal and the surrounding area.





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All estimates include:

- Up to 3 years guarantee on our work
- Satisfaction garantie
- CSST insurance for all employees
- Liability insurance of $ 2,000,000
- Responsible and environmentally debris

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