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Do you want to recolour your walls in some areas? Do you want to create a new look but cannot find the time to do so in addition to work, family life, and sleep?

A professional painter offers many advantages when you consider the time you would otherwise devote to going through with the required work. Peintres LGL consists of professional painters working in highly skilled teams that combine various talents of the team members to maximize the services we offer.

We provide you with a free estimate after our first visit. In the process, we listen to your needs, evaluate your possibilities, and determine the amount of plastering and repair needed. We discuss your priorities. For example, is fixing the wrought iron staircase something that should be done urgently? Peintres LGL unites experts in the field, which means that we can provide you with advice on a deeper level. A professional painter can truly become your ally that helps you make fully informed decisions.

In order to achieve the level of work matching the talent of the workers, any materials used must meet certain quality standards. A professional painter understands this like no other, which is why our company uses only effective proven products that allow us to guarantee our work for the future. An experienced and professional painter can select the best product for every particular task from a variety of household names such as Glidden, Sico, Betonel, MF, and Benjamin Moore.

Various supplementary services

Our professional services include indoor and outdoor painting, surface preparation and plastering. We can do all of this on any type and size of project – refreshing a room or major repairs. In any scenario, we work professionally and quickly provide the necessary advice and quote competitive rates.

Do not hesitate to contact our team with any questions about the work process, cost, warranty, insurance, etc. of a professional painter. Peintres LGL serves Montreal and the surrounding area.





Production and Sales

Free Estimate

All estimates include:

- Up to 3 years guarantee on our work
- Satisfaction garantie
- CSST insurance for all employees
- Liability insurance of $ 2,000,000
- Responsible and environmentally debris

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